Julia Green / Greenhouse Interiors / Founder, Stylist & Writer

via Instagram 2 February 2019

IMPORTANT INFO for all art lovers...

Sometimes in life - you meet a creative genius that kinda takes the cake. One that has all the right ethics morals style AND creds... and one that strikes a chord with the masses without ANY pretence or highbrow snobbery. In this instance I'm talking about Katie Wyatt. This girl has hit the art world like a tsunami. We simply can't keep up with her popularity. Katie loves her craft. She considers it a privilege to paint and delights in making people happy. She loves her children and enjoys juggling a thriving art practise whilst being a brilliant mother. I wish you could meet her. She's the real deal - a genuine good egg with oodles of artistic talent minus the ego which is incredibly refreshing to me. Her dad “Daddy-o” frames all of her work. It's a family affair.

Katie is on the cusp of world-wide fame as we speak. She's been discovered. I'm proud I found her when I did - and urge you (if you love her work!) to hit us up for a private commission or grab one of the few works left we have on our site.


I want to congratulate you Katie on your rise to fame without any ego. How lucky we all are to know and own a slice of your work. Representing you has and continues to be one of my career highlights. You are joyous.

Thank you


All images © Katie Wyatt all rights reserved. Styled images above courtesy Greenhouse Interiors and Armelle Habib.